Texas Hand-Crafted: Where Artistry Meets Adventure

November 29, 2023

Across the Colorado River basin, Texas craftsmen are weaving a tale of creativity and passion inspired by the landscapes that have shaped their lives and work.  From heritage cast iron worthy of passing onto the next generation, to tools that make getting to, and around, the ranch or lease a little more enjoyable, here are a few remarkable Texan creations that embody the spirit of innovation, dedication, and ingenuity.

1. Fredericksburg Cast Iron Company: Forged in Tradition

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg Cast Iron Company is a family-run establishment crafting exquisite cast iron pieces designed for cooking, eating, and creating memories and bonds that last as long as the cookware. Leveraging their Texas-German heritage, Fredericksburg Cast Iron Co. produces heavy-duty cast iron cookware that is 100% made in Texas.  The heirloom-worthy skillets range from 10-inch to 12-inch and meld tradition and modern design.

Sold online, or at select retailers, these heirloom quality pieces are crafted by family, for family, for life.


2. Ranch Road Cargo Organizer: Elevating Functionality

Hit the open road with the Ranch Road Cargo Organizer – a Texas-made marvel that’s redefining travel convenience. Created by skilled outdoorsmen engineers who understand the necessity of keeping your guns, gas cans, and gear secured in the back of the truck; this modular organizer seamlessly blends style and practicality for gear both large and small. Designed for recreational enthusiasts by recreational enthusiasts who just happen to be experts in the plastics manufacturing world. With its rugged durability and smart compartments, it’s the perfect companion for your next journey out to the ranch or lease.


3. Listo Provisions Brush Cruisers: Where Protection Meets Practicality

A hunter’s success often hinges on their ability to traverse varied terrains with agility and confidence while mitigating any danger. In many cases, that danger can come in the form of the iconic diamondback rattlesnake. Listo Provisions has created comfortable, lightweight, and packable snake guards that allow hunters to stride through tall grass or navigate through dense brushland feeling safe and protected.

Unlike traditional snake boots, there is no break-in period.  Brush Cruisers allow you to wear your favorite pair of boots while providing the protection every outdoorsman needs.


4. PacAPit Fire Pit: Flames of Texan Hospitality

Hand-forged with care, this portable fire pit embodies the Texan tradition of gathering around the fire for storytelling and camaraderie. Its compact design ensures you can take the essence of Texas wherever you go – from backpacking, overlanding, and backyard barbecues to camping trips under the stars.

Made with durable carbon steel, the PacAPit comes in two sizes, both made with an easy to use 3-part system and can be assembled on any surface, even snow. Both sizes include a carabiner for carrying the fire pit, a cantilevered grill for cooking, and a fire barrier to minimize the impact on the ground.