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Land conservation protects the natural resources, habitat, and landscapes on which wildlife and outdoor recreation depend. Protecting it today ensures it will be here for future generations of hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Tributary Sporting Club

Tributary Sporting Club

Where the Colorado River meets Lake Buchanan, Tributary Sporting Club captures the very essence of hunting, wing shooting, wildlife viewing, and exquisite culinary expertise. For hunters wanting to spend a few days on the ranch to experience all the Tributary Sporting Club has to offer, they even have five-star, luxury cabins for guests to stay in.

The original ranch where Tributary Sporting Club stands now was founded in 1900 and has a long history as a working, Hill Country farming and ranching operation. From running cattle, to raising sheep, and even mining for silver, the land has always been known for its productivity and abundance.

Colorado River Land Trust worked with the landowners to conserve 3,730-acres of the 21,000-acre ranch. Over seven miles of Lake Buchanan shoreline, five miles of creeks and streams, critical and diverse wildlife habitat, and wide-open expanses are now protected forever.

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The Hill Country and the rural counties outside of Austin are one of the fastest-changing regions in Texas. Development pressures continue to expand across the countryside, and demand for rural land within a short drive of the capitol city is at a premium. Forty years ago, when the owners of TM Ranch first set foot on the property located in Blanco County, the Hill Country was a different place. Not only were there far fewer people but the 215 acres had not been touched in years.

After four decades of work removing invasive species, and a keen focus on wildlife management, the ranch is now a hunter and angler’s paradise. Uplands across the ranch have been actively managed to improve wildlife habitat for numerous game species. After a lifetime of hunting in Texas, the owners have used the property to educate young hunters and provide ample opportunities for a sportsman to chase white-tailed deer, dove, and turkey.

Fed by multiple springs, nearly one-half mile of Cypress Creek flows across the ranch providing ideal habitat for native fish populations like bluegill, bass, and sunfish. The owners even participate in a large trout stocking program across private ranches in the region, providing an exceptional cold-water fly-fishing experience. To protect the property and the outdoor lifestyle the TM Ranch has worked so hard to develop, the owners chose to work with Colorado River Land Trust to protect the property with a conservation easement.

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