Colorado River Land Trust Welcomes Four New Board Members

February 10, 2022
Colorado River

This past year, Colorado River Land Trust welcomed four new members to serve on our board of directors: Martha Leigh Whitten, Billy Brown, Carlotta McLean, and Aden Lasseter.

Not only are they all private landowners in Texas, but each of them brings years of community involvement to their role. From founding Austin Capital Mortgage to creating one of the select few Orvis™ endorsed and Shooting Sportsman™ endorsed facilities — Big Easy Ranch, to serving on the board of the Austin Board of Realtors, these community ambassadors will help guide our work across Texas.

With their extensive leadership experience, these new board members bring unique expertise to assist Colorado River Land Trust’s work to protect our most valuable resources—the landscapes and traditions of Texas.

Get to know each of the new board members below.

Martha Leigh Whitten
Billy Brown
Carlotta McLean
Aden Lasseter