A Texas Holiday Gift Guide

December 1, 2022

8 gifts guaranteed to delight anyone who’s from — or just loves — Texas. 

By: Hope Boatright

With the year almost over, it’s time to start buying thoughtful presents for the outdoorsmen and women in our lives. To help out, Colorado River Land Trust put together this handy guide to help people find the best-handcrafted gifts made right here in Texas.

A Piece of Hand-Forged Jewelry From Rolling Stone Trading Co.  

Rolling Stone Trading Co.: Made by hand by artist Melissa Margolies in the Texas Hill Country, Rolling Stone Trading Co. creates gorgeous sterling silver and turquoise rings and necklaces inspired by the iconic Texas landscape and the American West. Each collection is crafted to embody the spirit of the wild and free. $160+. https://www.rollingstonetradingco.com/

Custom Forged Knife from Texas Sage Forge

Texas Safe Forge: Sergio Menchaca forges custom-made heirloom knives for the area’s best pitmasters and chefs and you can have one of your own. All knives are custom-made in small batches, all by hand using reclaimed, heirloom steal. Each blade and handle carry a story and history with handles made from oak, mesquite, and a link to the past. Call or email for a quote. https://texas-sage-forge.business.site/

A Leather Bird Bag by Blake Jones Designs

Blake Jones Design: For thirty years, Blake Jones has been crafting and designing fine custom leatherware made in Texas. The Leather Bird Bag is the perfect gift for outdoorsmen or women. The bags are made with soft deer-tanned cowhide, with bridle leather trim, and solid brass hardware. 

It holds live shot shells in one side and empties on the other side. $249 https://blakejonesdesigns.com/products/leather-bird-bag-trio

A Bottle of Ghost Hill Bourbon from Treaty Oak Distilling

Treaty Oak Distilling: Named after Treaty Oak’s 28-acre ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas, Ghost Hill Bourbon is a unique whiskey made with local heirloom grains that have been mashed, fermented, distilled, barreled, aged two years, and bottled on-site. Bottled at 95 proof, it is sure to make an impact but is still smooth enough to sip straight. $54.99 https://www.treatyoakdistilling.com/

A Leather Belt from Stidham Outfitters

Stidham Outfiitters: Handmade in the Hill Country by the maker, Seth Stidham, this Johnson City, Texas-based craftsman offers a variety of tooled designs, from elephant and horsehair to even a bison leather belt. Each piece pays homage to the traditional craft of custom leatherwork that is so beautifully displayed in each item. $175+.  https://stidhamsaddlery.com/collections/leather-goods

A Hybrid Kayak + Standup Paddleboard from Diablo Paddlesports

Diablo Paddlesports: Inspired by the stability of stand-up paddleboards and the nimble maneuverability of kayaks, Martindale-based Diablo Paddlesports took the best of both options and combined them to make one fine watercraft. Designed to maneuver well in the shallowest water possible, you can stand up, paddle and fish at your leisure. Plus, all boats come with dry storage, wet storage, paddle, and drink holders as well as a comfortable seat. https://www.diablopaddlesports.com

Shotgun Cuff from Sightline Provisions

Sightline Provisions: Practical yet, stylish, Sightline Provisions shotgun cuff keeps two extra shells on your gun for those moments in the field when you just need a few extra shots. Made in Austin, Texas the textile-wrapped leather cuff features a bronze hunting badge and is the perfect functional hunting accessory. $195 https://sightlineprovisions.com/products/shotgun-cuff-hunting-textile

A Custom Saddle from Martin Saddles

Martin Saddles: Each Martin Saddle is made by the hands of talented and passionate craftsmen with the highest quality raw materials. Every saddle is made in-house, in Texas, to ensure quality, precision, and undivided attention to the fine details in each one produced. You can find a variety of styles from barrel, to cutting, to roper saddles, and ranching. Contact for pricing. https://martinsaddlery.com/ms/