Just outside the community of Muldoon, sits an historic piece of Texas - the Vacek Family Farm. George and Mary Vacek founded this Fayette County farmstead in 1899, and the family has been actively farming it ever since. The property is an integral part of the family history, a history they wanted to ensure would be there for future generations.

The original farmhouse, built in the 1930’s, still stands in the center of the property. The family has worked to restore the history both inside and outside the house. Through restoration of the house and the historic farm implements, the Vacek’s have been able to recapture part of the family’s past.

The family originally raised turkeys and cattle, while growing cotton, peanuts and hay. Not only is the property a historic farm, but it continues to be a productive cattle operation today. The Vacek’s decided the best method for them to ensure their family farm and its history were protected was through a conservation easement with the Colorado River Land Trust.

“This was beneficial to both our family and to the entire Colorado River,” Janet Vacek Jones said, when asked about the family’s motivation for protecting the farm. The Vacek family’s dedication to protecting their historic farm will ensure that it remains an integral piece of the family legacy and the state of Texas.

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